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Procreate Tutorial: Symmetry

"Granberry Girl", Procreate, Elli Maanpää, 2020

PROCREATE TUTORIAL: SYMMETRY TOOL Elli Maanpää 2020 // Procreate on iPad Procreate Drawing Guide tool Symmetry is handy tool. It’s perfect for drawing for example Christmas ornaments like snowflakes, Christmas trees and wreaths. See how to draw your own Christmas ornaments in the tutorial video below. SYMMETRICAL FACES & CHARACTER DESIGN You can also use

Lastenkirja: Varis, joka halusi olla satakieli

Lastenkirja: Varis, joka halusi olla satakieli, kirjoittanut ja kuvittanut Elli Maanpää, 2020

Lastenkirja: VARIS, JOKA HALUSI OLLA SATAKIELI ”OLISINPA SATAKIELI”, Varis huokasi ja katsoi kaihoisasti Satakielien puuta. Eläintarhassa asusteleva Varis haaveilee muutosta Satakielien puuhun, joka on puitteiltaan koko eläintarhan hulppein. Ongelmaksi koituu kuitenkin se, että Satakielien puuhun päästäkseen tulisi osata sataa eri kieltä! Varis, joka halusi olla satakieli on Elli Maanpään esikoiskirja. Lastenkirja on myynnissä netissä Mini

The Pros and Cons of Art School

art school worth it elli maanpaa art 2018

The pros and cons of Art School. Is Art School worth all the trouble? On today’s video I talk about things to consider when you’re thinking about going to art school. I point out six topics to ponder about: Entitlement, Connections, Critique, Time, Paper work and Money. Even when coming from a country where education

Sweet Curves

cupcake body image elli maanpaa 2018 illustration

Sweet curves come in all sizes. A week ago I sat by myself in a coffee shop in downtown of Turku. I was doodling ideas to my sketchbook and eavesdropping juicy coffee table conversations. I heard two teenagers – about 12-year-old girls – chatting in a table next to me. The whole time they were

There Is No Rush – If We Decide So

Elli Maanpää illustration rush 2018 art

I wrote the first notes for this video already last December. I really needed a reminder that lot of the rush I was feeling was really up to me. Nobody would die if I couldn’t do weekly videos, finish Huevember or even complete all the classes for the Fall semester. I would survive nevertheless. And

Huevember Digital Painting

Huevember 16 - Elli Maanpää 2017

HUEVEMBER DIGITAL PAINTING Elli Maanpää 2017 // Adobe Photoshop Huevember is an international art challenge that takes place in November. The task is to go trough the colour wheel in daily paintings during November. One hue for a day. Here is some of my favourite paintings from my Huevember 2017 efforts. Painted with Adobe Photoshop.

Inspired By Own Photographs

These days we always have a good camera with us where ever we go. The cellphones take remarkably good photographs. So use it for your advantage and always collect inspiration photographs from everything that draws your attention. This way you don’t need to rely on finding a perfect reference from the internet because you have