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Childhood Week

Childhood Week was awesome.  I got five out of the seven prompts done and I’m super pleased with that. I have now brand new illustrations to show you. I’m also going to share the stories that inspired the artworks. In case you missed it, I talked more about what the Childhood Week is in the

How to Make a Repeat Pattern

How To Make A Repeat Pattern - Elli Maanpää Design Talk // 2018

How to make a repeat pattern has been on my video ideas -list for a year. Finally this spring I asked in my Instagram stories if it would be something people would like to see. They answered 100% YES. So here we go. Fresh from the rendering oven. How to Make a Repeat Pattern -tutorial. I

Designing Patterns: Colours

Designing Patterns: Colour // Elli Maanpää 2018

I asked in my Instagram stories if you’d be interested hearing more about pattern design. You answered 100% “YES, BRING IT ON ASAP” So here we go. Creating beautiful patterns is one on my favourite things to do. I will make a video post later about: How to do a tiling pattern – it’s such

Aspiring Artist Blog – New Posts On Tuesdays

Elli Maanpää Art Trailer 2018

Welcome to the aspiring artist and animation student blog. I decided to simplify my posting schedule a little bit. For now on there’s a new blog posts every Tuesday. Every other Tuesday the post is also a vlog: a video published in my Elli Maanpää Art YouTube Channel. But my main focus is in my own

What Should I Do With My Life?

Sun - Illustration - Elli Maanpää Art - 2018

“What should I do with my life?” I asked from myself last week. My identity crisis came so strong that I kept on Googling the question. I found some career test but they really weren’t what I was looking for. And then: I found this blog post and these 6 questions. It makes sense that

Hugging Trees

hugging trees illustration Elli Maanpää

HUGGING TREES Hugging Trees is a illustration project where I wanted to express my affection to forest. There is a study that people are generally happier if they can see at least 10 trees from the home window. I also turned the illustration to tiling pattern. The design is for sale in my Redbubble shop. 2017

Inspiration From The Forest

Inspiration from the forest. When one drawing isn’t enough. On this weeks Elli Maanpää Art -video I take you with me to our summer cottage in the Finnish countryside in Ähtäri. There I love to walk around in the forests. I was so inspired by the surroundings I did two illustrations: the first one I painted