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Change Ahead

Change Ahead // Life update // Elli Maanpää 2018

Change is ahead. But that is good since only thing constant in life is change. I got great news this Monday. Next Fall I’m going to do internship in an exciting firm in Helsinki. I’m going to tell more about that later. This is fabulous but it also means I need to speed up with

Daily Journaling

BULLET JOURNAL // Daily Journaling - Elli Maanpää Blog - 2018

Daily journaling keeps me both sane (as sane as it’s healthy to be) and productive. Today I want to share two journaling habits that I find truly beneficial. BULLET JOURNAL You’ve probably heard of bullet journaling (BUJO). It’s super trendy – and I totally understand why. I’ve been bullet journaling couple of years now. What

Storytelling in Art – Questions

Questions about storytelling in art// Illustration by Elli Maanpää 2018

What do you think about storytelling in art? Narrativity was the main purpose of visual arts until the last centuries. Paintings were commissioned to tell stories about the events in religious mythologies. The gap between illustration and fine arts was not big. Only fairly recently – 19th century – the fine art took a turn

Aspiring Artist Blog – New Posts On Tuesdays

Elli Maanpää Art Trailer 2018

Welcome to the aspiring artist and animation student blog. I decided to simplify my posting schedule a little bit. For now on there’s a new blog posts every Tuesday. Every other Tuesday the post is also a vlog: a video published in my Elli Maanpää Art YouTube Channel. But my main focus is in my own

Easter Feast

Easter Egg Art by Elli Maanpää // Fazer Mignon // 2018

I’m little late to the Easter party since it is already the Easter Monday. But nevertheless: Happy Easter 2018! I enjoyed my Fazer Mignon to the fullest by creating some Easter egg art. We travelled to west coast of Finland with my loved ones – bearded boyfriend Vesa and Cocco-the-Cat – to visit our family. I’ve

Art Encounter That Changed My Life

Art Encounter That Changed My Life // Art vlog // Travelling Artist Elli Maanpää // 2018

  I’ve travelled a lot. On my adventures I’ve met many who have made me into the person I am today. I could talk about the first Christmas I spent away from home all alone. Surrounded by strangers in a hostel in Bariloche Argentina. I was so scared but it turned out into one of

What Should I Do With My Life?

Sun - Illustration - Elli Maanpää Art - 2018

“What should I do with my life?” I asked from myself last week. My identity crisis came so strong that I kept on Googling the question. I found some career test but they really weren’t what I was looking for. And then: I found this blog post and these 6 questions. It makes sense that

Huevember Digital Painting

Huevember 16 - Elli Maanpää 2017

HUEVEMBER DIGITAL PAINTING Elli Maanpää 2017 // Adobe Photoshop Huevember is an international art challenge that takes place in November. The task is to go trough the colour wheel in daily paintings during November. One hue for a day. Here is some of my favourite paintings from my Huevember 2017 efforts. Painted with Adobe Photoshop.


Elli Maanpää Art - CATISM: Kitten of a Cat - 40cm x 50cm - 2012

CATISM Acrylic paintings and prints: Elli Maanpää 2012 Catism series was my 2nd take on making the art history more animalistic. This time I shared my love for cats. I was inspired by artists I admire:  Magritte, Matisse, Kahlo, Schjerfbeck and Warhol. Series was exhibited in Pori Arzz art exhibition in Generaattorigalleria in Pori and later in Runo in Tampere 2012.