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Animated Painter

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Ennen joulua sain tilauksen tehdä vesiväripotretin sympaattisesta koirasta nimeltä Ruggles. Alla prosessikuvia työskentelystäni. Aloitin piirtämällä ääriviivat lyijykynällä. Before Christmas I got a commission to do a watercolor portrait of a cool dog named Ruggles. Below are making of photographs of the working process. I started with drawing the outlines with pencil. Sitten siirryin vesiväreihin. Then

Pastel Story

This is a story about big package of oil pastels. And about the fact I love receiving new free art tools. These pastels belonged to my boyfriend who was cleaning the house and thinking about getting rid of them. He said: “I haven’t use them in 10 years so I’m probably not gonna use them