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How to Make a Repeat Pattern

How To Make A Repeat Pattern - Elli Maanpää Design Talk // 2018

How to make a repeat pattern has been on my video ideas -list for a year. Finally this spring I asked in my Instagram stories if it would be something people would like to see. They answered 100% YES. So here we go. Fresh from the rendering oven. How to Make a Repeat Pattern -tutorial. I

Designing Patterns: Colours

Designing Patterns: Colour // Elli Maanpää 2018

I asked in my Instagram stories if you’d be interested hearing more about pattern design. You answered 100% “YES, BRING IT ON ASAP” So here we go. Creating beautiful patterns is one on my favourite things to do. I will make a video post later about: How to do a tiling pattern – it’s such

Party Hat Cat Pattern

Memphis Birthday Cat pattern // Elli Maanpää pattern 2018

PARTY HAT CAT -PATTERN Elli Maanpää 2018 // Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop Memphis Birthday Cat pattern was originally Cocco’s (my cat) idea. He wanted to have pillow to take naps on our balcony. Since we both like the design aesthetics of the Memphis group we decided to use that as an inspiration for the pattern design.