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Elli Maanpää

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Thoughtful Gaze

Portrait drawing - Elli Maanpaa 2015

Joulusesongin 2014 viimeiseksi muotokuvaksi piirsin tämän kaunottaren. The last portrait I did for Christmas season 2014 was this little beauty. Työskentelytapani oli sama kuin aiemmissa muotokuvissa: lyijykynää, mustetta, tussia ja korjauskynää. My working method was the same as in the previous portraits: pencil, ink, marker and correction pen. Vakava syvällinen katse. Serious thoughtful gaze. Paspartuuri.

Lähtöviivalla Exhibition Opening Tonight

lahtoviivalla, s-galleria, helsinki, exhibition

Last weekend we hanged my paintings to the walls of S-Galleria in Helsinki Kallio with my hubby. Today is the opening of the exhibition LÄHTÖVIIVALLA which contains my colorful expressive female figure paintings from 2012 and 2013 done with ink, acrylic and oil paint. If you’re in Helsinki be sure to visit the exhibition. The

Postcard Project Continues

Here I am: the crazy postcard maker making my art. Today I’m going to show you to last weeks postcard sketches of the Postcard Project. Are you ready for 7 more postcards. If yes, roll down.Lady in Red. I bought a new shade of ink to celebrate the upcoming Christmas. 9.10.2014 Dramatic woman in the