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Elli Maanpää: Nymph. Acrylic on board. 30cm x 30cm. 2021.

ELLI MAANPÄÄ NYMPH MATERIAL: Acrylic paint on board SIZE: 30 cm x 30 cm YEAR: 2021 Acrylic painting of a beautiful nymph surrounded by exotic flowers. See me paint this painting in Instagram. “Nymph” is part of the WABGNET “Shine the Light” -exhibition in Flamingo-Jumbo Gallery in February 2021. AVAILABLE

Mirror Selfie 2

Elli Maanpää: Mirror Selfie. Acrylic on recycled mirror. 30cm x 30cm. 2020/2021.

ELLI MAANPÄÄ MIRROR SELFIE MATERIAL: Acrylic on recycled mirror SIZE: 30 cm x 30 cm YEAR: 2020/2021 Acrylic painting self portrait on a recycled mirror. This painting started as a test for the HELENE20 painting in the summer 2020. I re-found this painting in 2021 and decided continue it. Painting on a mirror invites the viewer to participate and

Blending In

Elli Maanpää: Blending In. Acrylic on old gouache and ink painting/ wood panel. 15cm x 15cm. 2017/2021.

ELLI MAANPÄÄ BLENDING IN MATERIAL: Acrylic paint on old painting/ wood panel SIZE: 15 cm x 15 cm YEAR: 2017/2021 Acrylic painting of a woman in the forest meadow surrounded by bunnies. I painted first version of the painting in 2017 with gouache and ink. 2021 I continued the painting with brighter shades of acrylic. “Blending In” is

In The Meadow Little Sister

Elli Maanpää: "In The Meadow - Little Sister" Acrylic on cardboard. 20cm x 20cm. 2020.

ELLI MAANPÄÄ IN THE MEADOW – LITTLE SISTER MATERIAL: Acrylic on cardboard SIZE: 20 cm x 20 cm YEAR: 2020 Acrylic painting of a profile view of a smiling young woman with flowers in her head. This is a sister piece for the “In The Meadow” -painting exhibited and sold from the “Beyond The Horizon” -exhibition. Photograph of

Memories From My E-Travels

E-matkadia: Pakasaivo. Akryyli dialle. Elli Maanpaa. 2020

MEMORIES FROM MY E-TRAVELS Elli Maanpää 2020 // 9 acrylic paintings on recycled dia slides I love travelling in IRL (in real life) but the price the Earth has to pay for it is too high. In this painting series I wanted to offer an alternative way to travel. We can still be inspired by exotic

Panda Of Finland

panda finland elli maanpää art taide

PANDA OF FINLAND Last year two giant pandas – named Lumi and Pyry – moved from China to Ähtäri Zoo in Finland. It was a big event especially for the South Ostrobothnia region. Suomen lomamajat commissioned me to make paintings inspired by the mighty animals to their rental cottage Mustikka (Eng. Blueberry) near Ähtäri Zoo.