Elli Maanpää

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Elli Maanpää Digital Art 2018

Sweet Procrastination


Sweet procrastination. Days go by while thinking about the things that should be done some day in the near future. Not today but maybe tomorrow.

After finishing my January goals I’ve now spent about a week in a state of mind where I’m productive without a clear aim. I’ve been drawing a lot with my Wacom. I love the fact how easy it is to set up an art studio when you work digitally. For such a colour lover like me it’s wonderful to have effortless access to all the colours of the world.

Elli Maanpää Digital Art 2018

Survivor Kitten by me 2018

I’ve been thinking a lot about how great it would be to have a producer/manager/assistant who would understand the world of filmmaking, fine art and illustration. Who would be passionated about creativity and especially wired up by my innovations. When I was ranting about this to my boyfriend he asked: “Why are you not that to yourself?

Elli Maanpää Digital Art 2018

Left: Close up of a painting by Hyacinthe Rigaud 1699 // Right: Blind contour by me with a marker 2018

Competent question. Isn’t this the reason I travel once a week to Helsinki to listen lectures about art entrepreneurism and cultural organisation leadership. Producer needs different skillset than an artist but for sure that can also be learned. I’ve been buying books about art entrepreneurism (recommendation to Art, Inc.), listen to podcast (Creative Pep Talk is my new fave) and watching tons of interviews in Youtube.

Elli Maanpää Digital Art 2018

The Blind Contour coloured in Photoshop (not blindly but loosely) by me 2018

I’m going to learn since I’m aiming to be a thriving artist after graduate in May 2019. Now I need to find the manager in me to make a realistic time table for myself for the next 15-months. In that time I’ll make a killer graduation film with Anna Mikkola, write a thesis with an interesting content, work as trainee in a way that is most beneficial for me and build my artistic skills. Time for the sweet procrastination to be over. Purposeful productivity – here I come.

Elli Maanpää Digital Art 2018

Sweet skater boy by me 2018