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Animated Painter

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Studying Animation


I apologize for my absence in the blog but combining full-time-studying with being a part-time-Christmas-card-entrepeneur have been quite time consuming. The good thing is that I as I travel between two homes (Turku-Helsinki) I spend lot of time in the train which is a perfect place to write a blog post. So here I go.

Last month in school – Turku University of Applied Sciences Arts Academy – we were learning the basics of stop motion animation and film making in general. And we made our first animation film! It was a group work. I got to join my forces with the talented Konsta Hormia and Sade Lahti. Our animation teachers Joni Männistö (in the pic in right top corner) and Eija Saarinen are very precise about the quality of the movement. The rhythm. They demand the best from the start. I think that paid off and we can be really proud of the outcome of our animated short: Kilpaa joen kanssa (English: Competing With the River). Since I cannot yet show you the final work I’m just going to share some making of photographs from the way. We used autumn leaves and cardboard as our material. Dragon frame and Premiere were the editing softwares we used. The first pic in the left corner is showing the Aura river which I cross every morning on the way to school. It was used as the inspiration for the task.