Elli Maanpää

Animated Painter


Rocking Duck


One of the most challenging classes for me in Centennial College 3D animation was the Introduction to Maya: Modelling and texturing with the great Bohdan Ruzycky. Maya is known to be the Mount Everest of 3D programmes. It’s a fantastic programme since you can do so much with it. But the learning curve in the beginning is super high since there is so much to learn.

After spending hours and hours in the lab working on the assignments and asking help from the teachers and student peers I got hang of the modelling. I designed and modelled this rocking duck which I’m pretty proud of. Only sadly I didn’t finish it before it was time to fly back to Finland. Without the support of the lab (both the peers and computers) I had difficulties to finalising the wooden vintage texture. I’m still pretty amazed that what I doodled turned out looking like an actual object in the real world. The magic of 3D.