Elli Maanpää

Animated Painter

  • Elli Maanpää. Portrait: "Giannetta Porta" Acrylic on canvas pad. 148mm x 210mm. 2020.


Giannetta Porta │ Acrylic Painting │ 15 x 20 cm │ 2020 │ COMMISSION

Portrait Painting


MATERIAL: Acrylic on canvas pad
SIZE: 148mm x 210mm
YEAR: 2020

Commissioned portrait of contemporary visual artist Giannetta Porta. See more of the painting process in my Instagram.


“”This was such a special portrait to paint. The portrait was commissioned by Porta’s lovely mom. Gianna is my friend BUT we’ve only met in Instagram. I feel connected to her. I see lot of similarities in us – both as people and as artists.

Even though Finland is also a country of Tove Jansson, Minna Parikka bunny shoes and Girl-power Katja Tukiainen – the idea of an ”contemporary artist” is someone serious, politic and (shall I say it) masculine. Or at least a bit melancholic.

We, I and Gianna, are artists that SMILE a lot – both in person and trough our art.

Our creativity is filled with laughter, colors and yes – sometimes childish – joy of creating. And somehow that is something we’ve learned is not taken as seriously as something more SERIOUS. Joy should not be taken granted. Joy takes as much work, space and time as melancholy (which of course should also have its place. Let’s not hide any emotions).”

Photographs: Giannetta Porta / @olipahantaasgigi 2020

Photographs: Giannetta Porta / @olipahantaasgigi 2020


Commissioned A4 size acrylic painting on canvas pad costs 580€ (Includes 10% Art VAT. Not framed. Not including postal cost.)

Send me an email to elli (at) maanpaa.com. I work most preferably from a high resolution photograph. Delivery time 1 month from the agreement, receiving the photograph and payment. No sketch delivered.


A4 kokoinen akryylimaalaus pingoittamalle kankaalle maksaa 580€ (sisältää taide ALV 10%. Ei sisällä kehystä eikä mahdollista postimaksua).

Tilataksesi muotokuva lähetä minulle sähköpostia osoitteeseen elli (at) maanpaa.com. Työskentelen mieluiten hyvälaatuisesta valokuvasta. Toimitusaika kuukausi sopimuksen solmimisesta, valokuvan lähettämisestä ja maksun suorittamisesta. En luonnostele maalauksia etukäteen.