Elli Maanpää

Animated Painter


Pikkupanda of Finland


Last but definitely not least the Pikkupanda of Finland (below in right) from the UHANALAISET exhibition. Tom of Finland (artist name of Touko Laaksonen) might very well be the most known artist from Finland internationally. His skilful homoerotic pencil drawings of sailors, cops and bikers were widely admired when he drew them during the 80’s and still are. Just last year Finnish linen company Finlayson made a Tom of Finland collection in his honour. These sailors (below in left) have been drawn approximately 1985. My endangered power animal in the painting is red panda which is pikkupanda in Finnish. Below you can see how I proceed with my acrylic paints on the 50cm x 50cm canvas to recreate the same vibe as in the original illustration.

P.S. Tonight is the last Kissojen Yö – Night of the Cats of this year in the Korkeasaari zoo in Helsinki and it’s super cool event. After this weekend also my UHANALAISET exhibition will close in the Korkeasaari so it’s almost the last chance to visit. I’m also gonna visit the zoo tonight because all the fun. So see you there maybe?Pikkupanda-of-finland_elli-maanpaa_Uhanalaiset_2015 Pikkupanda-of-finland_elli-maanpaa_Uhanalaiset_2015 Pikkupanda-of-finland_elli-maanpaa_Uhanalaiset_2015