Elli Maanpää

Visual Artist

Pastel Story


This is a story about big package of oil pastels. And about the fact I love receiving new free art tools. These pastels belonged to my boyfriend who was cleaning the house and thinking about getting rid of them. He said: “I haven’t use them in 10 years so I’m probably not gonna use them again. I’ll throw them away.” I yelled: “Wait. Give them to me. I’ll use them” And he did after I promised I was gonna take them out of our apartment. I took them to Heya workroom and have been using them quite much since (to prove it was a good idea to give them to me).

Here are the pastels with the first drawing I did. I used pastels, watercolor and correction pen onto watercolor paper.

pastels_drawing_ellimaanpaa_2014_1 pastels_drawing_ellimaanpaa_2014_2pastels_drawing_ellimaanpaa_2014

But then I wanted to experiment some more and tried the pastels on a wooden panel. Below is the result of my first oil pastel painting in which I also used ink. The Benders of the Horizon is the name of work. My friend Linnea wanted to buy it right away when she saw it in instagram. How cool is that. I’m loving the pastels.


This pink Fifi was the 2nd work with the same technique: oil pastels and ink on wooden panel. As a reference photo I had a photo clip from an old magazine article about hollywood. So the theme and the name of the work is naturally…


…I am a star.