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There Is No Rush – If We Decide So


I wrote the first notes for this video already last December. I really needed a reminder that lot of the rush I was feeling was really up to me. Nobody would die if I couldn’t do weekly videos, finish Huevember or even complete all the classes for the Fall semester. I would survive nevertheless.

And I did survive and then came 2018. In the beginning of the year I’ve been pondering about the future of my YouTube channel. There’s been so many things I wanted to get done – like redoing this website – that I just didn’t get into working on new videos. But during this time I’ve also realised that I’m not doing these videos for myself but to you guys. Maybe I do have knowledge that really could benefit someone. I’ve been an art student for 10-years so maybe it’s my time to talk about what I’ve learn along the way.

So my new years resolutions as a YouTube creator is to publish new video every other Thursday. In the next videos I’ll be talking about studying art: How the get most of it? Is it worth it? And even more specific questions like: Should you study 2D or 3D animation? If you have questions on this topic please share.

This illustration on the home page is titled: Home in the Paradise is always with you. I did the line work by hand with blue col-erase pencil and coloured it with Photoshop. Thank you for tuning in.