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Moments from the UHANALAISET Opening


Yesterday was the opening of the UHANALAISET (Eng. Endangered) art exhibition in the Karhulinna in Korkeasaari Zoo. Here are photographs from the event taken by my beloved V. Kuula. Enjoy!

Hey! It’s my painting and name in the poster. Cool.UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015It was easy to smile. All ten paintings I did during this summer were here and ready to be enjoyed by the public eye. Time to celebrate.UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015Dear spectators and guests from many angles of view.
UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015The exhibition is located in the Zoo in Karhulinna which means bear (karhu-) and castle (-linna) beacuse it truly is the bear castle: the same building is home of the Korkeasaari bears. UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015I also go beautiful flowers, cards and gifts since the opening was also my way of celebrating 30-years-of-age.UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015Last (but not least) this collection of lovely funny faces in the picture below. Thank you! The exhibition is open until the 14th of September so be sure to visit Korkeasaari Zoo before then.

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