Elli Maanpää

Animated Painter


Menu’ Turistico Venezia


We booked last minute flights to Venice – “the city of winged lions” – with my partner-in-adventure since traveling does good for your soul. I made these photo collages to illustrate our visit to the magical city. Some of the photos are taken by him and others by me. There are glimpses of the canals, gondolas, cats, lions, couples in love, glass work from Murano, lace from Burano and my own travel sketches. We also spent hours in the Venezia Biennale Arte so here are some photos from the art we witnessed there (sorry for not being able to name to artists but I was impressed for example by Kerry James Marshall’s, Isa Genzken’s and Adrian Ghenie’s works). Breathing in the inspiration from the summery Venice.
1_venezia_elli-maanpaa_photography_2015 2_venezia_elli-maanpaa_photography_2015 3_venezia_elli-maanpaa_photography_2015 4_venezia_elli-maanpaa_photography_2015