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How to Get Best Out of Art School? - Life model drawings by Elli Maanpää 2018

How to Get Best Out Of Art School (Make Your Time Count)


How to get best out of Art School? On today’s video I share some tips on how to make time count when studying.

I am an A+ student. Ten years ago – when I started my first degree – I was not as great. I studied Bachelor of Art degree majoring in Fashion in the Aalto University. Even then I was an ok student but not top of my class. Back then I hadn’t yet realised the most important part: I’m not in school to impress anybody. I’m there to learn. Everything I do I do for myself.

The funny thing is that less I’ve cared about the grades the better they’ve come. My focus is in bettering myself. It’s about completing projects that I’m proud of. I don’t aim to be perfect. I aim to learn. That’s the key to the healthy study motivation.

On today’s video I browse trough drawings and sketchbooks from last Autumn while I was studying in Toronto. And if you want to know: I did get A+ on these drawings. More importantly: I improved by drawing a LOT.Figure Drawing - Elli Maanpää 2017

I also want to wish you: Happy International Women’s Day with these female figure drawings.

Figure Drawing - Elli Maanpää 2017Figure Drawing - Elli Maanpää 2017

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