Elli Maanpää

Visual Artist

Greta Garbo


I read a book about Hollywood legend Greta Garbo. The book was called Conversations With Greta Garbo and it was written by journalist Sven Broman.

Biographies of famous actresses and filmmakers are interesting. But sometimes reading a book written by an confident of an star leaves me feeling like a voyeur especially when the book is about someone so private like Garbo. She was one of the biggest stars of her time but she hated being famous. She just wanted to be left alone. Nevertheless it was really interesting to hear how the beautiful Swedish lady studied theatre in Stockholm, worked in a department store and then become ‘found’ by film director Mauritz Stiller who took her with him to Hollywood. Stillers career crumbled in Hollywood but Garbo shined brighter than anyone. She had natural ability to act on film with subtle nuances.

Garbo is said to be one of the most beautiful women in the film industry. They could picture her face from any angle and she would look perfect from every direction. That lead to her nick name: Divine Garbo. My painting below does not do justice to Garbo’s beauty but it’s my attempt to appreciate her nevertheless.

gretagarbo_painting_ellimaanpaa_2014Black and white version of the portrait to honor her era.
gretagarbo_painting_ellimaanpaa_2014_4Close up.gretagarbo_painting_ellimaanpaa_2014_3And the instagram photo.gretagarbo_instagram_2014

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