Elli Maanpää

Visual Artist

  • WABGNET - "Shine The Light" taidenäyttely Jumbo-Flamingo Galleriassa 2021

  • WABGNET - "Shine The Light" taidenäyttely Jumbo-Flamingo Galleriassa 2021 // Photograph: Rigulio Graak


Flamingo-Jumbo Gallery WABGNET Exhibition Open


Shine The LightWABGNET exhibition is now open near Helsinki Airport at the Flamingo-Jumbo Gallery – also known as Riika Anundi’s Art Workshop Flamingo – in Vantaa, Finland.

See daily opening times here. This week the exhibition is open every weekday from 11am to 8pm.

I’m happy to be exhibiting some of my latest figurative paintings in this gorgeous space Riika Anundi has created with talented fellow artists: Lotta Sirén, Anna Inginmaa, Noora Kämppi, Tiia Henriksson and Rigulio Graak. Graak is the creator of the WABGNET Women Artist Born Global Network. I’m thankful of being part of the empowering network.

All the works in the exhibition are available to purchase. There’s also a selection of my art postcards for sale. Here are some photographs from the exhibition taken by Rigulio Graak.


“Flow, this might happen”.
“Shine The Light” -humans.