Elli Maanpää

Animated Painter


Echo From Amur


Ellen Thesleff’s Kaiku (Eng. Echo) from the year 1891 (below in left) was not as obvious choice as some of the other paintings of UHANALAISET exhibition. I remember admiring this painting in junior high but I had forgotten all about it until I came across Thesleff’s name in Ateneum (Art museum in Helsinki) and googled her. She was one of the leading expressionists of Finland back in the day. Also she is another admirable female artist in male dominated art world and almost my namesake. My painting (below in right) is called Kaiku Amurista (Eng. Echo From Amur) since it’s conveniently starred by the endangered Amur leopard. Twenty percent of the sales revenue of the paintings of the UHANALAISET exhibition will go to protection of the endangered Amur felines. The painting’s size is 65 x 80 cm and it’s done with acrylics on canvas. Below you can see the making of this painting and the final work in a larger scale.Kaiku-Amurista_elli-maanpaa_Uhanalaiset_2015Kaiku-Amurista_elli-maanpaa_Uhanalaiset_2015_1Kaiku-Amurista_elli-maanpaa_Uhanalaiset_2015_1