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I Will Make It Happen

Today started with mixed feelings since I had to make some hard choices. Nothing too dramatic but choices of how I want’t to use my time this Autumn. Do I want to take singing lessons (yes) or take part in a improvisation course (I’d love to but couldn’t register on time). In the end of the day I felt like I did the right choices since I felt great and got even more good news (one other acting course accepted my enrollment). Jey!

Today’s sketch-a-day painting’s name is I Will Make It Happen. In the painting I used watercolor, pencil and marker. The girl in the picture looks so determined. She’s going to climb on mountains and conquer all challenges. Lets all be like that.

P.S. I also added the design to my Society6 shop Elli Emilia TaleIwillmakeithappen_sketch_ellimaanpaa_2014 Iwillmakeithappen_sketch_ellimaanpaa_2014_2 determined_ellimaanpaa_insta_2014

Theatre In The Night Of The Cats

I was supposed to do this post already yesterday but since it was the busy busy premiere day I just ran out of time. So instead I write the post now when the premiere and half of the shows are already beautifully behind us.

Yesterday was the 1st Kissojen Yö (Eng. Night of the Cats) in the Korkeasaari Zoo in Helsinki and the premiere of our Kissalaakso High School musical by Korkeasaaren Teatteri. The play is written, directed and composed by Lasse Turunen.


Besides acting (more about that one picture later) in the musical I did some of the illustrations we used in the internet marketing like the picture above. It’s a photograph collage I did out of stock free photographs. All the official posters used in zoo are done by their graphic designers but I’m happy they used my illustration and logo font in the posters as well.

We perform the half-hour-long musical three times a night.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I play the part of Amanda who is a geeky leopard from the drama group. Below is Amanda taking an excited selfie on the stage before show time yesterday.


Here below is the whole fantastic cast. There is the drama group (played by me, Linnea Peurakoski and Outi Oinas), the sporty cheerleaders (Henna Helasvuo, Ilona Kuusela, Anni Lampi and Nina Lampi) the cool cheetahs (Juha-Matti Kahilakoski and Niina Hartikainen), the beauty queen snow leopard Susanna (Jutta Järvinen), the dramatic teacher lynx (Laura Madekivi) and the handsome cheetah Justus who all adore (Saban Ramadani).

The 1st Night of The Cats was a success. The island was completely packed for the whole evening. Also our shows were completely full and we received a loud applause every time. People smiled, laughed and thanked us. Absolutely amazing night.

But if you missed our show the 1st time you still have chance to participate to the 2nd Night Of The Cats which is held next Friday on the 12th of September. Welcome! See you there maybe? Meooow.


Pastel Story

This is a story about big package of oil pastels. And about the fact I love receiving new free art tools. These pastels belonged to my boyfriend who was cleaning the house and thinking about getting rid of them. He said: “I haven’t use them in 10 years so I’m probably not gonna use them again. I’ll throw them away.” I yelled: “Wait. Give them to me. I’ll use them” And he did after I promised I was gonna take them out of our apartment. I took them to Heya workroom and have been using them quite much since (to prove it was a good idea to give them to me).

Here are the pastels with the first drawing I did. I used pastels, watercolor and correction pen onto watercolor paper.

pastels_drawing_ellimaanpaa_2014_1 pastels_drawing_ellimaanpaa_2014_2pastels_drawing_ellimaanpaa_2014

But then I wanted to experiment some more and tried the pastels on a wooden panel. Below is the result of my first oil pastel painting in which I also used ink. The Benders of the Horizon is the name of work. My friend Linnea wanted to buy it right away when she saw it in instagram. How cool is that. I’m loving the pastels.


This pink Fifi was the 2nd work with the same technique: oil pastels and ink on wooden panel. As a reference photo I had a photo clip from an old magazine article about hollywood. So the theme and the name of the work is naturally…


…I am a star.



Can you believe it’s already 1st of September? It’s sad to say good bye to Summer but it’s nice to welcome Autumn after long warm Summer.

Delirious is a sketch-a-day painting I did already in July. But since I did it while visiting Turku and left the piece there I only now had a chance to scan it. In the work I used pencil, red ink and marker.delirious_illustration_ellimaanpaa_2014 copy

Closer look of the details of the face.

delirious_illustration_ellimaanpaa_2014 copy_2_2

The instagram photo I took in our yard – back when it was still the peak of the summer.