Elli Maanpää

Art, Illustration, Film // Contact: elli@maanpaa.com

Elli Maanpaa artist statement bio 2018


I am Finnish visual artist Elli Maanpää. I’ve been born in Turku Finland in 30th of July 1985. I’ve graduated as Master of Arts (Art and Design) from Visual Culture from the Fine Art Department of Aalto University in Autumn 2013. I currently study Animation in Turku Arts Academy. I have BA also in Fashion Design. I’ve created paintings, short films, a children’s book, postcards and cd covers. My work methods vary from traditional to digital painting. I held a solo exhibition in collaboration with the Helsinki Zoo Korkeasaari in summer 2015. The exhibition Uhanalaiset/Endangered raised awareness of the endangered species conserved by the Zoo. I currently live in Turku Finland with my burmese cat Cocco and bearded boyfriend Herra Kuula.


When I was a kid I smiled to strangers to see if they’d smile back. Now I smile also trough my art. But there is no joy without a hint of sorrow; as red looks the warmest next to a cold blue. I’m a storyteller. I want us to admire life’s peculiarity. With every mark I make I have a thought to share.

CONTACT: elli@maanpaa.com