Elli Maanpää

Visual Artist

Art Exhibition - Vlog - Elli Maanpää Art

Art Vlog: Getting Ready For an Art Exhibition


I filmed the process of getting ready for my solo Art Exhibition Elossa/Eloisa in P-Galleria in Pori, Finland. You can see the whole Art Vlog below and here.

Fine Arts is as much for everyone as movies, books or music. I have a soft spot of seeing the behind the scenes of Fine Arts. Showing that being a visual artist is not (only) about drinking red wine while wearing a beret. It’s about visualising abstract ideas, following one’s passion, problem solving… and working hard for deadlines.

Fine Art is communication – a safe place to feel and express oneself – like all culture is. Both for the artist and spectator.

I had fun filming and editing this video. I hope you enjoy it too. The exhibition is open and free to attend until 24th of April in P-Galleria in Pori. Welcome!